Al Melling – “Under The Cam Covers”

Under The Cam Covers is a fascinating book covering Al Melling’s journey from a young working class boy from Lancashire to one of the world’s most respected engine designers.

Al’s story will appeal to any enthusiast of the Internal combustion engine and covers some of the science that Al pioneered to bring the agricultural engines of the early 20th Century to the complex mathematically calculated engineering marvels of today. Well known in the TVR community for the design of the unique AJP V8 and early work on what would become the Speed Six, Al has worked on the design of engines for many of the worlds leading manufacturers of cars and motorbikes. Manufacturers touched by Al’s work include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Suzuki, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Norton, Ducati, Chrysler and many others! As well as being responsible for the game changing gsxr750 bike engine, Al has created many other unique engines including the only V8 sportsbike, the Norton Nemesis with its 32 valves AND 24 spark plugs!

The book is an insight in to the design process and science of the internal combustion engine as well as an intriguing collection of behind-the-scenes stories from the world of motorsport and production manufacturers. Some of Al’s stories of fighting against beaurocrasy and politics is also a great inspiration for others who understand the struggles of inovation and going against the conventions of an industry.

The book has over 400 pages and includes rare diagrams and photographs from Al’s personal archive. This is a great read for both experienced engineers and general motoring enthusiasts alike.

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