TVR Exclusive – Road Driving Skill Sessions

We are pleased to announce that we have arranged a series of road skill driving sessions with professional driver and consultant Rob Colbourn.

Starting from our site at Amoreautos you will head out onto some west country roads for a 90min coaching session.

Depending on your aims and current abilities, Rob will coach and introduce a number of topics for you to focus on. These will not only make the act of driving a TVR more fun but also improve overall safety.

Example of these topic include:

Please note these will be specifically tailored to the individual to ensure a truly bespoke experience but will typically cover:

  • Connection – Deepening your connection with the activity of driving is probably the single biggest change you can make in your driving. Before you get to any other topic, thought, idea, technique, concept; all of them will be better considered, understood, clarified, critiqued, applied and executed if you are more connected. Be that physically, mentally, morally, spiritually.
  • Driving psychology – The determining factor in how, and more importantly, WHY you do everything else.
  • Space – For me, this is THE  key thing, simply because every collision in the history of the motor car has involved at least one party running out of space!
  • Observation – What to look for and how to do it effectively.
  • Anticipation – Now you’ve seen it, what will it do? There are only two possible answers and only four possible responses available to you…
  • Space – Preventing a lack of it and making others leave more around you.
  • Understanding speed – This is directly influenced by the more pressing issues of space, vision and time.
  • Vehicle dynamics – How the laws of physics dictate the way you should apply your steering, throttle and brake inputs, developing both your technique and precision whilst deepening your understanding of the specific characteristics of your chosen vehicle.
  • Control – I mean this quite differently from physical car control. It’s about controlling your environment, controlling those who share it with you and having full control over your own safety, whilst ensuring the safety of others by default.

The first Event is Sunday the 13th August.

There are 4 spaces available on each day with sessions running every 2 hours from 9 am.

One space left! 2.30pm on 26th?

The day will start and return to Amoreautos.

To reserve you place please email:

Cost: £149 per session.

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TVR Exclusive – Road Driving Skill Sessions

All Day
26th August 2023


TVR Exclusive – Road Driving Skill Sessions

All Day
26th August 2023


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  • 26th August 2023
  • All Day

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