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1994 4L Chimaera in Starmist Green with Magnolia and Tan Interior

Starmist Green with Magnolia and Tan interior

13 years last owner! Great first TVR £9,995


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About this Car

Starmist Green with magnolia and tan interior

last owner for 13 years

Outriggers replaced

Upgraded alloy radiator

Lots of engine maintenance work. Looked after by same garage for 15 years.

Carpets worn and front would benefit from blow over but overall a great car.

TVR 25 years old Feb 2019.  Call/email if you would like a video of the car.

Full 6 months (6k miles) Amoreautos warranty. Full 12 month MOT


  • Warranty multi-option
  • Finance available
  • Part Exchange available
  • Leather Seats


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