About Us

“If you could bottle the feeling I got when I saw this special car parked in my garage…enabling people to live their dreams.”


Having enjoyed our cars for many years, we decided to share our passion by helping others experience some of the cars and the thrills they bring.

Over the years we have helped many friends Worldwide source cars that suited their budget, trim and driving styles. We also helped friends and club members get their car just the way they wanted them.

Ultimately this has become a community of people with the same passion and love of cars.

As TVR owners we have a leaning toward the raw driving experience without modern-day computer systems that can – at times – mask the experience.

Friends and car club members often asked us to help them with their cars, and this has led to the creation of AmoreAutos.

Our services now extend our help to other like-minded individuals.

We look forward to welcoming you.